If you want to know how to whiten your teeth, you have to know why your teeth are not white. Let’s take a brief look at the teeth structure:

The structure of the general crown of the tooth (that is, the part you can see) has three layers:The innermost is the pulp,Wrapped in yellowish dentin, the outermost layer is also a layer of translucent hard shell, enamel.

From the perspective of dental structure, the color of the teeth is derived from the combination of yellow dentin “+ translucent enamel”.The better the enamel develops, the higher the mineralization, the more transparent it is, revealing the color of the dentin.You are not mistaken that “naturally yellow” is the color of our normal teeth.

Therefore, don’t be brainwashed by the advertisement, the responsible dentist will tell you that everything is based on health, the teeth are white to normal, and you don’t have to blindly pursue “TV advertising white.”

Cause of yellow teeth

Generally, the teeth are yellowed and exogenous yellow and endogenous yellow.

exogenous yellow

Exogenous tooth yellow is generally associated with personal diet and lifestyle.

Comparison of exogenous “yellow teeth” before and after sand blasting

1. Dietary problems

Habitual diets contain pigmented foods that cause pigments to remain on the surface of the teeth, causing pigmentation and discoloration over time.

This is simply too unfriendly to the fooder! In addition to the common common tea, coffee, and cigarettes, curry is the most lethal. The turmeric in the yellow curry is the most deadly. So you still have to eat white teeth, just look at you.

2. Cleaning problems

Many people do not develop the habit of brushing their teeth and washing their teeth regularly. As a result, various tartar, tooth stains, plaque, pigments, etc. cannot be cleaned in time, and they are adsorbed on the tooth surface over time.

endogenous yellow

The words of endogenous ginge mainly include dental fluorosis and tetracycline.

1. Dental fluorosis

In some areas, the amount of fluoride in the water is high, excessive intake of fluoride water, teeth will be yellow, and not 1 or 2 teeth, is full of rhubarb teeth. However, because of the anti-mite effect of fluorine, this part of the population is not prone to dental caries.

2. Tetracycline teeth

When the individual is young, the teeth are in the mineralization stage (within 8 years old), take tetracycline drugs; or pregnant women taking tetracycline drugs during pregnancy can cause the deciduous teeth to color.

how to whiten your teeth

1. Washing teeth

Washing teeth is not really a whitening teeth method.Actually it can remove calculus and partial pigmentation, making your teeth look “white” but it doesn’t change the true color of your teeth.

The dentist uses an ultrasonic scaler and sand blasting machine to remove tartar and plaque from the tooth surface, and wash away plaque, pigmentation and calculus on the tooth surface.


Pigments and dirt on the surface of the teeth are deposited.


Three months to six months



Maintain periodontal health while cleaning your teeth.


It’s just that the surface is “showing” white, not whitening. In the short term after washing the teeth, a small number of people will develop the acidity and softness of the teeth which are sensitive to cold and heat. The biggest shortcoming is that most people misunderstand it too deeply.

More whiten teeth method to be contiued…

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