Starting your day with at least three cups of black coffee or chain
smoking cigarettes is doing lots of damage to your teeth. Sure you may
brush and floss regularly, but unless you see a dentist, you may never
be able to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness. Examine three
common reasons why your teeth are stained and unattractive.
For some people, trying to function without coffee is like trying to
start a car with an empty gas tank. It’s just not going to happen.
Although coffee is what helps thousands of people get up and running in
the morning, it has a terrible side effect – yellow teeth. The more you
drink the more yellow your teeth will become. Over time, you may be
shocked to see how your teeth have transformed. Yet, a dentist can help
get you back to where you used to be. He or she can provide whitening
treatments for you in order to help brighten your smile. Just keep in
mind, that if you continue to drink coffee, your teeth will still
yellow. Some ways to combat this is by drinking through a straw. In
addition, some people swear by brushing teeth immediately after drinking
coffee so that you can help minimize its damaging effects.
Red wine
Having a glass of red wine with dinner is not only relaxing, but is said
to provide heart health. However, what may be beneficial to your heart
may wreak havoc on your teeth. A dentist can examine your mouth and will
be able to tell quickly if your teeth are stained due to certain
drinks. Red wine can really take away your teeth’s natural luster. The
good news is that by having a thorough cleaning by a professional can
help enhance your smile again. Also, your doctor may suggest you begin
using an electric toothbrush in order to really get that clean feeling
at home.
Another common reason why your teeth are stained is drinking tea. Some
people think tea is better than coffee for a lot of reasons. Well, that
is something can be up for debate for many people, but the one thing
both drinks have in common is the ability for both to stain teeth. Your
dentist can help whiten your smile for you, but he or she may suggest
you switch to green tea if possible. That’s because this tea is not dark
and won’t have such drastic effects on your teeth. However, if you
don’t feel as if you can give up your morning brew, you will just have
to get on a regular whitening schedule and be sure to see your doctor
for regular check ups.

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